Interview Questions and Answers in Docker : Part-1

vivek bangare

Vivek Bangare


Interview Questions and Answers in Docker : Part-1

Hello everyone, ‘Interview questions and answers in Docker‘, this article contains mostly asked interview questions and their answers. I am creating a series of questions and answers for beginners to advance.

Do you know why docker system prune is used? What does it do?

'docker system prune' is mostly used to remove all unused images, containers, and networks. Volumes are not pruned by default.

Will you lose your data, when a docker container exists?
What is Docker? Docker lifecycle and Docker container state
Use of the docker save and docker load commands?
Default docker network driver, and how can you change it when running a Docker image?
Is there any problem with just using the latest tag in a container orchestration environment? What is considered best practice for image tagging?
What is Docker Swarm and which network driver should be used with it?
Docker Compose? What can it be used for?
Diffrence between entrypoint and cmd?